Blender Sci-Fi Blitz is a new YouTube Live Show

Introducing a New Blender Show by CG Cookie

Sci-fi nuts, get ready!

We've partnered with Blender YouTuber Chris Bailey to spearhead a brand new YouTube show called Blender Sci-Fi Blitz.

Watch all available episodes of Blender Sci-Fi Blitz.

60 minutes, 1 Sci-Fi Theme

Every two weeks, Chris will go live on CG Cookie's YouTube channel to create a Blender image of your choosing.

Chris has to follow these rules:

🚫 No preparation before the show

🚫 No pre-made assets

🚫 No textures

🚫 No add-ons

Vote on the Theme for Each Show

What Chris models depends on a community vote: a few days before the show airs, we will post a vote on our YouTube Community tab with a choice of topics.

The one with the most votes is the one that Chris has to create!

Watch the clock tick as Chris models for his life...or, rather, for your approval. If you join him live, you get to cast a vote on whether he succeeded in creating the image - or exploded like the Death Star.

Join the Fun

Once Chris is finished, he will post the .blend file here on CG Cookie - and then it's on you!

Grab the file and time yourself to re-create the challenge.

Once your own sci-fi model is completed, post it in the CG Cookie Project Gallery. 

Chris will show his favorites in the next episode of Sci-Fi Blitz.

Episode list and themes

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Episode 1 (air date: September 13th) theme "Sand Dune Worm Attack"

Episode 2 (air date: September 27th) theme "Death Star Trench Run"

Why is CG Cookie putting on this show?

This show is our way of letting more people know about the awesomeness of Blender - and the fantastic results that can be achieved in Blender in very little time.

We're hoping to reach new learners of 3d and engage with them in a fun way, while also getting the CG Cookie name out there.

For CG Cookie members, the show is another way to connect with other Blenderheads in real time -- in addition to our member-only livestreams.  Because this whole whole "learning online" thing can get a little lonely sometimes...

So if your Sunday nights are open, tune in with us and let the game begin!

Who's ready for an adrenaline-packed Blender countdown?

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  • coyo (coyohti)

    No add-ons at all or no add-ons that aren't already included with Blender? Sounds tough!

  • Kat Loveland (chaoslillith)

    OMG I MUST WATCH HIS WHOLE CHANNEL! I want to make a Star Wars fan film so I must learn all the things!!!

  • Shawn Blanch (blanchsb)

    I am super excited to be able to watch this come to life. Such a great idea.

  • hapit

    Sorry, no Europe friendly time. Will watch the recording.

  • Shawn Blanch (blanchsb)

    I just wanted to come back here and say "Wow" that was a great live stream cbaileyfilm. We were all rooting for you my friend. And not one save from what I could tell. We should add that to the rules to make it more suspenseful. Because who doesn't love an epic blender crash when the pressure is on. Chris doesn't seem to mind. He was calm, composed, and never even neared that Ctr + S.

    Great job Chris! Looking forward to the next one. As for Sandy, let's make it some fun worm friends to play with.

  • crew
    Pavla Karon (pkaron)

    blanchsb just realizing that Chris went save-free gave me an anxiety attack rn.

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