Blender courses and tutorials about nodes, materials and shaders to get you Nodevember ready

Nodevember is here again!

As #Nodevember comes knocking, you'll be seeing gorgeous and weird shaders left and right.

Luckily, it's never too late to join the shady fun and ride one of the greatest hashtags known to the digital art community.

The main event link 👉👉👉

Here are all the resources to get you nodevembeready:

The Ultimate Intro to Geometry Nodes

Confused by geo nodes? This tutorial will give you a great understanding of this exciting  tool.  

Create 6 Blender Materials With 6 Nodes In 6 Minutes

The title says it all: from butter to bathroom tiles (why not?) this tutorial is as speedy as it is fun.

Top 6 Blender Nodes To Make Any Material in Blender

Another 6-themed tutorial, this time we cover the most versatile shader nodes you need to start creating your own procedural materials.

Intro to Vector Displacement in Blender

Confused by Blender vector displacement? Don't worry about the math: we'll make it intuitive and simple and show you  how to generate geometry using nothing but a shader.

Every Trick for Shading Glass in Eevee

Glass doesn't look great in Blender's Eevee for one reason: layered refraction can't work! But you can still "cheat the system" and get real-time glass that looks amazing by using these tricks.

💡 The glass shader from this video is free to download for every CG Cookie Citizen member

CG Cookie Course: Shader Forge

With bite-sized lessons that cover the most basic as well as the coolest materials (hologram, anyone?) 

Kent Trammell will show you how to make your own shaders. 

From water to lava and (almost) anything in between, Shader Forge is our ultimate guide to intriguing, lifelike materials.

CG Cookie Course: Materials and Shading in Blender

40 lessons, 6 chapters, 1 challenge. 

In this deep-dive course, you'll learn to create your own materials and textures for any Blender project.

You'll also learn about all of the different shaders in Cycles and Eevee, the basics of adding textures, the principles of physically based rendering which will make your materials more believable, and more.

💡 Watch lesson 1 now

CG Cookie Course: Texturing in Blender

How does texturing work in Blender? 

From image textures and mapping to PBR and procedural texturing, this video course will teach you how to texture any 3d model.

With 40+ lessons on texturing and a fun exercise in the end where you get to hand paint your own axe.

💡 Lessons 1-3 are unlocked: watch them now

Top Blender Shader Tricks from Nodevember 2019 (ft. Simon Thommes)

Finally, take a trip down memory lane: our Blender trainer Jonathan Lampel asks the great Simon Thommes how to achieve his node domination. Secrets are revealed and lots of coffee drank! 

Over to you: are you joining Nodevember this year?

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  • futurehack

    I'm on the hunt for introductory Blender 3.0 Geometry Nodes training to learn the new Fields based workflow prior to the 3.0 release next month. Does CGCookie have plans for such a course/tutorial?

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