About CG Cookie

CG Cookie was founded on a laptop and a desire to create awesome digital art while documenting the process.

The evolution of CG Cookie, Inc has been quite the unexpected journey. Originally created in 2008 as a universal 3D Tutorial directory site, it has since grown into a network of focused education sites viewed by millions around the world. This journey has met its ups and downs, however throughout the life of the site we have been humbled by the immense support of the community.

CG Cookie is now a network of sites: Blender Cookie, Concept CookieMax Cookie, Modo CookieUnity Cookie, Sculpt Cookie Workshops and Blender Artists. All of these sites are maintained by the full-time crew at CG Cookie.


Feels good to give back

Over these first few years we’ve always worked to give back to the community that has supported us. We’ve become a monthly diamond donator to the Blender Foundation, Sponsored numerous contests around the web and most recently helped sponsor part of the Blender Foundation Booth at Siggraph 2013.

Mailing Address

CG Cookie, Inc

27 W. State Street, STE B

Geneva, IL 60134