Course: How to create a Photorealistic Modern Bathroom

With this new tutorial for 3ds max 2010, we’ll start working on a new tutorial series, “How to create a photorealistic modern bathroom”. In this video we’ll see how to model the basic environment using standard primitives, splines and basic modifiers. Then we’ll start working on basic lighting setup, one setup for external daylight and one for internal photometric lighting, these two systems will be used together too.4

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5 Responses to “How to create a Photorealistic Modern Bathroom”
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    First, Thank you for your efforts .
    Second, I really wonder why rendering using mental ray can cast too many bad dots ?
    Thank you

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    This was great. Just finished the project. Thank you.

    1 suggestion is that it would be nice to create a link in the 5th video to the bathroom accessories tutorial to make easy to find.

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