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  • Contours Retopology Tool – V1.1.0

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    Contours designed by Jonathan Williamson and developed by Patrick Moore and Jon Dennings.

    The Contours Retopology tool is an addon for Blender that provides quick and easy ways retopologize cylindrical forms. Use cases include organic forms, such as arms, legs, tentacles, tails, horns, etc.

    Contours is now available from the Blender Market! 

    The tool works by drawing strokes perpendicular to the form to define the contour of the shape. Immediately upon drawing the first stroke, a preview mesh is generated, showing you exactly what you’ll get. You can draw as many strokes as you like, in any order, from any direction.


    • Stroke generated retopology - Quickly retopologize cylindrical forms in seconds!
    • Automatic mesh preview - See exactly what you’re creating before committing to it.
    • Automatic surface snapping - The retopo mesh automatically conforms to the original form.
    • Loop adjustment controls - No need to get it perfect the first try, loops are adjustable.
    • Set the loop vertex count - The vertex count for loops can be changed anytime before mesh generation.
    • Modalized – The viewport remains interactive while using Contours.
    • Modal Hotkeys - Manipulating strokes is easy with fast hotkeys.
    • Undo Support - Unintended changes? No problem, just undo.
    • Addon Preferences - Contours comes with extensive preferences to adapt to your liking.


    See Contours in action through the video walkthrough:


    For help with Contours check out the support forums.

    Future Development

    One hundred percent of all proceeds go right back into future development of the Contours tool and other accompanying retopology tools that we have designed. Your purchase helps to bring new, better tools to Blender. And all code is licensed GPL.


    Contour tools makes a tedious task become a thing of seconds.

    Roberto Roch

    This is RETOPOLOGY! No workarounds, no mundane adjustments, it simply works.

    Reynante Martinez

    Kudos for designing it the right way, should be held up as a standard for interactive tools in blender.

    Bassam Kurdali

    Earthworm Jim model by Uģis Brēķis – http://ub-artlog.blogspot.co.uk 


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