$48.00 Compositing in Blender

This series will not only teach you how to get great results through compositing, it will also teach all of the technical details that need to be considered with compositing.

This includes image levels, image colors, color management, handling proper alpha values, green screen keying, and much more. You will also learn many techniques for managing your renders in a smarter way that enables to perform many changes and make finer adjustments without needing to render again.

You will learn advanced masking techniques, how to work with all of the different render passes and even how to make your own render passes. Beyond that you will also learn how to properly handle ambient occlusion, environment lighting, shadows, reflections, refractions, and more.

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Author: Bartek Skorupa

Software: Blender 2.63 – 2.64

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Length: 6+ hours

Format: available in Digital Download (DVD-Rs to be available in 2-3 weeks)

Download Size: 3.7 Gigabyte (4 downloads)

Expected Citizen induction date: November 2014

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