This is Part 1 of 11 in the course: Creating a Realistic Head in Blender

Part 01 – Sculpting

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    Luc Larabie says:

    I wish i knew what type of music he use… i can’t find someone that good.

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    Hi Kent,
    My name is Linda McKenny, I am an artist switching from oil painting to computer animation. ( I have been in correspondence with Jonathan Williamson, trying to figure out why I am not getting the sculpt resolution in edit mode so that I can retopologize. I am thinking it is my computer- what type of memory do I need, what kind of computer do you use, and do I need an extra
    graphics card to get the resolution I need? Thanks so much for your instruction and your help.

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      Hi Linda,

      Can you share a screenshot of the resolution you’re seeing in Edit Mode?

      Keep in mind, that when retopologizing the high-resolution sculpted object should NOT be in Edit Mode. Instead you create a new object in Object Mode, and then that object is placed into Edit Mode. You can then add new vertices, edges, and faces to this new object to be snapped to the other high-resolution object.

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    bonrw1 says:

    Hmmmm! I wish the first part wasn’t sped up…I’m really not good at sculpting head :’( :(

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      richard w says:

      Hi Journey,
      Kent uses Blender 2.62 for this tutorial.

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    Hi Jonathan
    I appreciate you getting back to me. I really am sorry to be so dense, but I thought the sculpted figure was to go
    into edit mode when completed- I am still lost when you say that a new object is to be created in object mode and then placed into edit mode for retopology. Also, I have discovered that my computer is inadequate for this.
    I did another tutorial a couple of days ago and crashed it. I need more ram and a graphics card. Thanks for all
    your help, I will keep plugging along until it all makes sense to me. I will add to my computer when feasible.
    With kindest regards

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    bonrw1 says:

    Who are the actor references does anyone know?

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    ammar jacob says:

    i have just wish to start sculpting and i wish i could do well.

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    jives says:

    I love these tutorial. I just didn’t understand what exactly means this key combination: CTRL + EVT_TWEAK_R

    Thank you.

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    gilles a says:

    How do you get those model pictures on the left? I can’t read the settings on the video.

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      richard w says:

      Kent has split the view and opened the reference images in the UV/Image Editor.

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