This is Part 1 of 11 in the course: Creating a Realistic Head in Blender

Part 01 – Sculpting

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    Luc Larabie says:

    I wish i knew what type of music he use… i can’t find someone that good.

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    Hi Kent,
    My name is Linda McKenny, I am an artist switching from oil painting to computer animation. ( I have been in correspondence with Jonathan Williamson, trying to figure out why I am not getting the sculpt resolution in edit mode so that I can retopologize. I am thinking it is my computer- what type of memory do I need, what kind of computer do you use, and do I need an extra
    graphics card to get the resolution I need? Thanks so much for your instruction and your help.

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    bonrw1 says:

    Hmmmm! I wish the first part wasn’t sped up…I’m really not good at sculpting head :’( :(

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      Richard says:

      Hi Journey,
      Kent uses Blender 2.62 for this tutorial.

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