This is Part 1 of 11 in the course: Creating a Realistic Head in Blender

Part 01 – Sculpting

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29 Responses to “Part 01 – Sculpting”
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    chris patch says:

    I have a complaint I am new to blender and yet I found this video under tutorials yet its extremely fast paced and you do not tell/explain what your doing and if you do it is not very clear. And for me a beginner you may as well not have this video up as it is useless unless you have lots of experience in blender, but if I had experience in blender or anyone on this site for that matter I would not need the site would. So please slow down and teach not preach!!! I want you to show me how to do it, not for you to show me how you can do it!

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      maddz levane says:

      This is an intermediate sculpting/modelling tutorial with speed captured video. Please read tutorial information and introductions before posting negative comments.

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      Hi Chris,

      As you’ve stated you’re a beginner I highly encourage you to check out our beginner tutorials first before attempting this one. You can find the complete Blender Basics here:

      Since you’re watching a character tutorial, I assume character modeling is of interest to you in which case I suggest you check out my Intro to Character Modeling as well:

      In a field as diverse as CG there are many, many topics that are advanced and even users with years of experience may know nothing about them. This is an industry that tends to be quite specialized and so even us users that have a lot of experience still need training :) This is why we try to offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced training. There’s something for everyone!


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    tainted-luv says:

    Well I’ll say this, it definitely isn’t a beginners tutorial. Also it’s more about the process than step by step teaching. Sculpting is an organic style of modeling and requires time and experimentation more than a set of things to do. this is a look into an experts process and there are gems to be gleamed from it.

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    How far along should we get in our initial sculpt before it’s ready to be retopologized?

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      This depends on your approach, but something that I like to do (and I believe Kent does as well) is to create the initial forms with dynamic topology. Once the forms are there and I’m happy with the volume, shape, etc, then I retopo that to create a clean mesh for animation and possible for additional detail sculpting with Multi-res.

      I find that dynamic topology is great for creating shapes and doing creative sculpts, but it’s not so good for baking down to normal maps and such. Multiresolution sculpts can be much better for for baking when using the “Bake from multires” option. This helps avoid a lot of baking errors you can otherwise get with overlapping or close-proximity geometry.

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    Can Sunbul says:

    well thank you Kent I learned what retopology is with this tutorial and to get rid of those polygons I made with dynamic topology(a whole body)
    but now I am struggling with the ear… I don’t have pre-modeled ear does anyone have good topology reference for the ear

    thanks in advance…

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    Sindhuja says:


    I downloaded your model for an reference but I find when I go to edit mode the model turns blue. Which is not allowing me to see thru the background image. Please advice me.


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    hiu C says:

    can anyone tell me what tool to use for creating nose, Ear, mouth in edit mode and where to position them ? thanks

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    This is a very noobee question but how do you load the reference pictures as you did at 0:38?

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    sweenist says:

    Kent, two questions:
    1) how long does it typically take you to sculpt a human bust?
    2) how long have you been doing sculpting using Blender?

    methinks I’m going to have to visit some beginner tutorials before coming back to this one. I saw some links above in some of the other posts so I have a good place to start.
    You do excellent work!

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    daemonus87 says:

    I have one thing to say, and I’ve noticed this about quite a few “tutorials”. This isn’t a tutorial. It’s a speed sculpt. I am an intermediate blender user and I was told about this “tutorial” by a friend. I had a good hard laugh at the term “tutorial”.

    Directing people who want to learn to the extreme basics and saying use this as catch up isn’t teaching anyone anything, it’s shoveling them off as no big deal. In response to the Jun 24, 2013 post directing to… how convenient it must be that a person has to upgrade – and their own money – to “citizen” to be able to view it.

    Kindly quit calling bragging rights and speed sculpts tutorials as you really are teaching nothing to no one.

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      You must be in a really low stage in life daemonus87 if you took the time from your busy schedule to complain about shit on the internet, which I’m sure you’re not entitled to do whatsoever. I’m sure that if you took the time it took you to write that comment you could of done a quick browsing of the entire contents of human experience and knowledge called the internet to find something that you’d consider a “tutorial”, but instead you decided to complain. How convenient the internet must be for you to complain on, instead of realizing that creating a tutorial and developing your skills to be able to teach others is worth its weight in gold and the price that cgcookie is asking for is very reasonable especially that they are continuously churning out new tutorials and courses each betting better and more informative than the last. So in conclusion, fuck you daemonus87 no one gives a shit.

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        @the_cartographer: Though I sincerely appreciate the support, we want to keep this community a safe place for quality discussion. So please refrain from insult other users.

        @daemonus87: I understand your rant and apologize for the extremely fast-past nature of the first few videos in this course. This was my first Blender “tutorial” and I made some poor decisions. I mistakenly believed the internet was saturated with modeling/sculpting tutorials so I breezed through those portions to get to what I thought the meat of the course should be: texture painting, shading, and rendering. For more reasonably paced (updated) head sculpting training, these Citizen courses are available:

        I can see that you’re probably not thinking highly of our Citizen membership, but I’ve spent a year learning how to producing Blender training and I want to humbly agree with the_cartographer that said training is getting better and better. I hope you give us another chance :)

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    3d-day guild says:

    Hi Kent,

    Im new here,in this site,i’m actually ask you a favor that may you will not accepted…….so this is the thing, can you made the system of a down members,the beard and hair also?

    i’ts ok if you didnt want

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    venomoustbag says:

    I have been using Blender now for about 5 months. I first watched this tutorial back when I started, and it has given me a goal. I have now started my first attempt, and am (so far!) really pleased with the result. Amazing job on the tutorial. I understand it is a little fast paced in parts, but then, that’s why it’s taken me 5 months to get to the point where I can (pretty much!) follow what’s going on. Thanks for this – faces and sculpting in general would have been a massive NO NO before I saw this series. :)

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      venomoustbag says:

      just wish I’d considered the retopology before attempting to make the face so damned awkward :P

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    olefashioned says:

    When doing retopology my mesh lies underneath my sculpt (dunno if that makes sense). Is this necessarily bad? or should i consider making tighter loops?Snapping is enabled with faces and closest selected. Thanks!

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      venomoustbag says:

      I had the same thing – where the retopo is partially hidden by the sculpt… I found that enabling X-Ray in the object data panel helped a lot with just making it visible while you work. hope this helped

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    I have a question Kent. Do you use a tablet for your sculpting or do you do it all with a mouse? I know this is preference of the artist but I was curious because some of the things you are doing in this video seem way to precise for a mouse, or maybe I’m just not used to sculpting with a mouse.

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      Hi Matthew -

      I use a tablet for all sculpting tasks except for the move brush. Using the mouse with the move brush allows for more precise manipulation in my opinion. I suppose it is preference, but I’ve never met a professional sculptor who uses a mouse. Pressure sensitivity alone is reason enough to use a tablet if you ask me.

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