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I’ve made this artwork together with my friend Larissa Docolas, who made the concept art and gave me a lot of feedback along the process to improve the work. I really like her style and was really great produce such artwork like this.

I used the concept art of Larissa as a reference to modeling the basic proportions of the body and after that I start tweak with the sculpt tools. To create the clothers I separate especific parts of the body and extract then and start modeling from this, adding some details. I used the multiresolution modifier to sculpt the wrinkles and drapery on the clothes. For the hair I used six particle systems, hair base, fringe, hair locks, ponytail, eyelashes and eyebrows. I posed her with the human meta-rig. I rendered using the Blender Internal, I didn’t use “strand render” for the hair, except for the eyelashes and eyebrows. Some of the texture was created all by me from scratch. Like the skin texture and the octopus on her t-shirt.

Hope you like!

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36 Responses to “Violet”
  1. Posts: 1
    marsbcn says:

    good work, really. I dig the pose and the body proportions.

  2. Posts: 6
    lexar says:

    She look so real! You really talented.

  3. Posts: 47
    Bryan Samir says:


    Congrats! You did an amazing and wonderful job. This pic is very inspiring to me and all we.

    It’s a beautiful girl and the octopus is very funny.
    I will become like you some day! :)

    How much time do you have with Blender?

    see you! and greetings from Colombia!

  4. Posts: 1

    Wow. You’re work is on start screen of blender 2.66!

    You are really good at blender!

    Kkkk. When I had saw it first, I thought it’s real one.

    When I had saw it twice, I thought it’s the product of Source Engine.

    Three times, I knew that it is a work of blender!

    The girl is really beautiful like me. (kkk just a joke)

    Anyway, It’s the best, I think.

  5. Posts: 1
    vliff says:

    Great model, great render. Thanks for detailed description!

  6. Posts: 16

    It’s a bit late for a comment, but I really love this image!!!
    It’s great to start Blender and see her beautiful face, gives a lot of inspiration, I really miss Blender 2.66!

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