Course: Modeling a High Poly Car

Note: This course has been discontinued and will soon be replaced by a new course with better workflows and up to date tools.

Hello and welcome to this Citizen Exclusive series! This series will be covering the entire process of modeling a very detailed, high-poly car in Blender 2.6x. Throughout this series you’ll learn everything you need to know about modeling cars with an edge-by-edge method that focus very heavily on creating clean topology that not only results in a good mesh, it also results in a car model that renders far more realistically. Part 01 of this series starts out be laying down the basic topology of the major forms and landmarks for the front end of our car. Doing this paves the way for easily filling in all the surfaces.

You can find the blueprints used in this tutorial here: Here you are! 

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    My ref. image are bleu, anybody know to make thme look like in the tutorial??

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