Course: Learning Mesh Topology Collection

Hello and welcome to this collection of videos on understanding mesh topology for modeling!

Mesh topology is arguably the single most important aspect to a high-quality model in many different areas. No matter whether you’re preparing a model for animation, modeling clean hard surfaces, making an organic model with smooth curves, or simply modeling something that is easy for other artists to work with, topology is key to each of these.

What is topology?

Topology refers to the structure of your mesh and the way the mesh flows around the surface and details of your model. Due to the complex nature of the subject, truly understanding it and grasping how to create clean, effective topology for your models, of all subjects, can not only be daunting but also very challenging. Historically there have been only a few tutorials scattered across the web that really delve into understanding it. We wish to change that.

Starting a while ago, Jonathan Williamson began producing Topology Overview videos here on Blender Cookie that attempted to demystify topology for everyone. Each of the videos have been very well received and so we have gathered each of those videos, along with our other various videos here on a single page; giving you a one-stop place to learn topology.

Jonathan is a self-professed topology snob and has made it a strong focus for everything he does. He has given many lectures on it and constantly works to help make topology easier to understand and learn.

Additional Reading

For further resources be sure to check out the Polycount Wiki:

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    Dennis says:

    Your link is broken for downloading the files.

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    pharm says:

    The link’s not broken. You can watch them for free but you have to log in to download them.

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