Course: Create a Cute Little Elephant Character

Learn how to create a cute little elephant character in Blender with Josh Maule.

Please welcome Josh Maule to Blender Cookie with his first tutorial on creating this cute scene of a little stuffed elephant and mouse.

In this Blender tutorial you will learn everything needed to put together this scene, including the modelingtexturinglighting and rendering.

Part 01 of this series covers all the modeling of the elephant character, the mouse, and the bag of peanuts.

Creating a Little Stuffed Elephant in Blender

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24 Responses to “Create a Cute Little Elephant Character”
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    Rafa Galiano says:

    Hi! when I try to separate the elephant’s trunk with split (min. 20:26 video) i hit Y key but don’t split. Later, if i move those edges they are still connected
    Then, to try, I’m gone to basic initial cube, make some cuts and works.
    But if i make split with a cube with subdivision, when i split and move edges, they move alone, no with their connected faces. I have a circle of edges separates. What is the difference?

    It would be easier to explain if I could post pictures :P

    I hope you understand me because my english is not very good

    Thanks in advance ;)

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