Course: Create a Cute Little Elephant Character

Learn how to create a cute little elephant character in Blender with Josh Maule.

Please welcome Josh Maule to Blender Cookie with his first tutorial on creating this cute scene of a little stuffed elephant and mouse.

In this Blender tutorial you will learn everything needed to put together this scene, including the modelingtexturinglighting and rendering.

Part 01 of this series covers all the modeling of the elephant character, the mouse, and the bag of peanuts.

Creating a Little Stuffed Elephant in Blender

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22 Responses to “Create a Cute Little Elephant Character”
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    That is awesome. I just love the stitches in your elephant character. it shows your great patience. I love to see you give tutorial on modelling needlepoint lace in Blender. Imagine all the stitches and air holes in laces.

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    You are a genius. Seriously, without any exaggerations.
    Lighting scheme on the bottom picture is better than on the upper one. It enhances overall pitiful look of this poor creature. From my opinion, this elephant character is perfect for the main role in some modern philosophical, depressive movie about life. One can quite rarely find such a fine combination of proportions, textures, and lighting in conjunction with simplicity, that creates so rich impression.
    Especially eyes (shape and position) and proboscis is just awesome.
    Sorry, if you have tried to archive something else.

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    hakur3n says:

    Very good tutorial, I as a complete beginner had no problems following around all steps and even experiment a little bit through all of the setting. Keep up the good work.

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    How to access the turotial. I can’t see the elephant tutorial. I registered also

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      Hi Karthees, try refreshing the page a few times. Sometimes your browser cache can take a bit to update, so it may be conflicting with your Citizen login. Refreshing the page a few times should clear up the issue.

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    jlanier2001 says:

    Great tutorial! I completed the Beginning Basics Tutorial and tried the next recommended tutorial but couldn’t get very far in it. This tutorial however was just right and I learned a lot as I completed it. I could understand the demonstrations and explanations very well. The mouse/key strokes shown in the lower left corner were very helpful too. I look forward to working on Part 2 and your other tutorials, Joshua! If this is one of your first tutorials, I hope that you will continue to add more to Blender Cookie.

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    Hi Joshua, thanks for the great tutorial. One question: in Part I, around 30 minutes, you mirror the stitches of the snout/arm/leg to the left side by applying a Mirror modifier and then changing the origin of the mirrored stitches to the 3D Cursor. Is there a reason you did not use the “Mirror Object” property of the Mirror modifier? I found that by using this, and selecting the head (or the body, for the arm/leg stitches) would mirror the stitches to the left side perfectly, without having to change the origin. I’m new to Blender, so I was wondering if there is a reason for you doing it like this. Thanks!

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      Aha! I think I know why you did this. In Part II you’re joining all parts of the elephant together into one big object, which seriously messed up my mirroring (because I was mirroring around an object that at that point no longer existed). That is now fixed by mirroring around the 3D Cursor. That’ll teach me for being stubborn ;-).

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      richard w says:

      Hi Jason,

      You’ve used ‘Dissolve Vertices’ instead of just deleting the vertices. This creates a face down the middle of your model and this is what’s causing the problem shown.

      X-key -> ‘Vertices’

      X-key -> ‘Dissolve Vertices’

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    woow! what a great tutorial. I saw the artwork had taste but i didn’t expect the tutorial itself to be so good and so entertaining too. It’s a sign of great mastery that you managed to quickly go into advanced topics and yet make everything feel simple. Thank you so much!

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    Great Tutorial!! It was fun. I do have a question though. I noticed when i was doing a high render, that some of the fuzz from the elephant was sticking through the button eyes. Anyway to make sure this doesn’t happen?

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    gurumantra says:

    Very cute tutorial, very easy but not less advance. i did and learn many stuff. Thanks a lot!!!

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    baenor says:

    Really good tutorial! Finished almost now part 1, and going straight forward to part 2!

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    scalebros says:

    This was my first tutorial after the very basics, it was fun to do! Easy to understand.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks!

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    megtwin says:

    Having trouble here, I want to connect the stitches with the head and body but every time I try control J it just places more stitches over the current ones. Is there any way to connect these objects? I want to be able to animate this elephant later. If I select the body and its an orange color the stitches stay with the body, but if I select the body and its more of a yellowish color the items separate from each other. ??

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    swaydawn says:


    I’m trying to find the reference image for this video, so i can do the tutorial. I’m new to the website and a citizen so i don’t know where everything is, can you help me.

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    nynaeve_ says:

    Hi, I’m having some problems with the displace mod. It just make the bag bigger or smaller, but it doesn’t do what it should do according to the tutorial. Any suggestions? I’m using blender 2.72

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      flatcat says:

      I had the same problem with 2.72b.
      Just add a cloud texture to the object (bag i guess) directly in the texture tab.
      You can refer to the project file to see how it’s works.

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