Course: Breaking Objects with the Cell Fracture Add-on

Shatter and break objects with the Cell Fracture add-on

A very common task in visual effects is to break apart, shatter, and otherwise destroy objects. No matter if you’re smashing a car, demolishing a building, or creating some other destruction effect, it is no easy task and requires a lot of work and practice to get a convincing result.

In this short tutorial learn how to break apart objects with the Cell Fracture add-on. This is a great add-on that lets you to break objects in many different ways with a lot of control and options, allowing you to get the desired result.

You will learn how to break an object into voronoi patterns, how to specify breaking patterns and density, and how to make all the broken shards fall to the ground with the game engine physics.

View the final result of the tutorial:

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10 Responses to “Breaking Objects with the Cell Fracture Add-on”
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    Richard, I loved this tutorial series, but I have a dilemma, While I can see in your videos, you you created the fractured cup and slammed a moving object into it, what I really want to do is have two moving objects, for example two platonic solids to collide and explode in the same style as your coffee cup, alla this vimeo video:

    I can get one object to hit the other and the static object explodes, or I can get both objects to move and collide, but then they just keep going in the same direction. I am guessing that there is some logic box formation but i cannot for the life of me figure it out.

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    john leigh says:

    thanks Richard amazing tutorials for shatter – love it! I have just one question if anyone can provide an answer…the ridig body physics always seem to be slow motion – which is nice but I want some realistic speed to start off but the “speed” control seems to do nothing – is there some combination of settings im missing in order to make the shatter at real life speed?

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    jose aides says:

    Hi Richard,

    What a wonderful series!
    I’m trying to do a similar scene but using a coke bottle.
    Until now , I managed to “break” the bottle with the bullet, but when I’m trying to add the fluid, blender keeps crashing when I press the bake button

    I tried with a low sample (65) and even though it crashes.

    Im using an ASUS laptop with 4G RAM and Nvidia Geforce G102M (512 mb) video card.
    What could be wrong?
    If you want let me know how can I send you the blend file.

    Thanks in advance


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    Annonymous says:
    The user has disabled their account.
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    arunava says:

    can i save the fracture as animation to my model for in game engine use?

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      You could do this by Baking the simulation, or you can also use dynamic rigid bodies directly in the game.

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    irish says:

    Richard, thank you so much for these lessons. They are a great inspiration and confidence builder for a noob to Blender.

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    netolins says:

    forget I don’t have 220 hours to render, batter find another way to make cool water :/ my computer are a I5 not a xeon

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