Course: Blender Basics – Introduction for Beginners

Get Started with the Basics of Blender

If you’re new to Blender then you’re in the right place! Through this series I’m going to introduce you to the key basics of Blender, helping you get started with all the fundamentals that you need to begin working in Blender. This series is intended primarily for beginners that have a basic understanding of 3D.

I will be giving you a tour of the interface and navigation, modeling, animation, shading, lighting, and rendering with Cycles.

This course includes closed captioning.

Where to go next with Blender and tutorials?

If you’ve completed this tutorial series and are eager for more training then here’s a few hand-picked tutorials just for you! To get the most value I encourage you to join our Citizen membership to get access to our complete tutorial library, including many exclusive training series that goes more in depth and cover challenging topics, like architectural visualization and  low poly asset creation.

Modeling: Modeling a Shipping Container and Modeling an M4 Assault Rifle

Animation: Intro to Character Rigging and Baker Charactering Animation Series

Physics and Dynamics: Shattering a Coffee Cup and Simulating and Rendering Fire

Texturing: Texturing a Truck Wheel and Rendering in Cycles and Introduction to Texturing in Cycles

Shading, Lighting, and Rendering: Rendering Realistic Headphones in Cycles and Rendering Stunning Long Hair in Blender

Compositing: Introduction to Compositing and Compositing Cycles Render Passes

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