Sale! Animation Fundamentals 50% off

Animation Fundamentals DVD
10% Citizen Discount with purchase
4 CG Cookie Stickers!
Limited Supply*
Save 50%Order Now for 24USD
*digital downloads also available

Learn the fundamentals

  • Fundamental exercises
  • Timing and spacing
  • Working with overlapping motion
  • Animating walk and run cycles for film or games
  • Understanding IK and FK
  • Using the Grease Pencil for animation sketches
  • And much, much more!

It is hard to believe it has been two years since the Animation Fundamentals DVD was released by Beorn Leonard. This series has been one of our most popular training series released to date.

Since then Beorn has gone on to animate for the Lego Movie and was interviewed on Blender Guru.

But soon, this training series will  become available for all our Citizens as part of the membership.

Before the series is added to Citizen in April 2014, we have 7 physical DVDs left on the shelves that need a home. To help these little guys out, we’ve marked them down by 50%, included a 10% Citizen discount code and are throwing in four CG Cookie stickers which look great on computers, laptops or refrigerators. :)

This series truly is a fundamental introduction to character animation in Blender. It covers many of the key skills and techniques you need to learn to become a character animator.


Keep in mind stickers are only for DVD orders. We haven’t figured out how to e-mail physical items yet. ;) 
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18 Responses to “Sale! Animation Fundamentals 50% off”
  1. Posts: 7

    Does this help a beginner learn how to draw/build for animation or just how to animate something already drawn/built?

  2. Posts: 4

    Pretty awesome that you put this on sale the very same day I decided I need to learn the fundamentals of animation :D

    Im only a few episodes so far, but Im blown away by the quality and presentation of the series, this is one of the best tutorials I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Posts: 5
    alan9993 says:

    Hi I just installed blender on my laptop.
    Can this course be used with out any knowledge of blender or is this considered an advanced course after mastering blender.
    Can send one please send me an e-mail about this, since there are a limit supply available.
    [email protected]

      • Posts: 5
        alan9993 says:

        Thank you for your help, if it comes in DVD.
        I will get it now, and use the tutorial you sent me.

      • Posts: 5
        alan9993 says:

        I ordered the DVD and download, can I download it to an iPad?

      • Posts: 5
        alan9993 says:

        This maybe a duplicate message, not sure if the first message back to you went thru.
        I tried to download the anamation program to my ipad2, but it starts the process and just stayed it that spot. Do you know if it could be loaded to the iPad, it would be nice to have it on that and and playing on my pc at the same time. It would also be nice to view it at work before getting home and using the pc too.

      • Posts: 5
        alan9993 says:

        Yet, I have another question, is the disk that I’m receiving work on apple and windows? I downloaded it too my PC and it’s telling me either error downloading or not compatable with windows.

  4. Posts: 2

    I purchased it, opted for download only (don’t need stickers lol) but… where’s the 10% off for the citizen upgrade code? Is it the in the invoice somewhere? I feel like I’m probably missing something very simple because all my my brain power has gone to learning blender over the past several months….

    • Posts: 2

      You know what, I figured it was just for the DVDs only and upgraded anyway. Thanks! Can’t wait to dive in to all the citizen content!

  5. Posts: 14
    Michael says:

    Wow, Beorn worked on the Lego Movie? I just saw that in theaters, and thought the animation was really impressive! Any idea what he did specifically?

  6. Posts: 6
    Alex Bailey says:

    Is Blender 2.5 similar to Blender 2.7 when it comes to animating?

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