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TIP – Texturing with Blended Box Mapping

Automatic Model Texturing

Let’s face it, very few people enjoy unwrapping UVs. Often it’s a necessary, and tedious task in a full modeling workflow. Without quality UVs is can be difficult to achieve any sort of accuracy in the textures. That being said, sometimes we don’t need accuracy, we simply need to apply a good texture to a whole model for a quick render. Here you are in luck!

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blender_tip_texturing_box_mappingUsing the Blended Box mapping feature of texture nodes in your Cycles shader setup allows very fast texturing for many objects. This makes it very easy to texture everything from metal to concrete to dirt. It’s a great technique, that can really speed up your workflow.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it only works within Cycles and so does not work for exported objects (at least not until Cycle’s has baking).

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58 Responses to “TIP – Texturing with Blended Box Mapping”
  1. Posts: 4
    shugs81 says:

    infact… watching that that’s gonna be insanely useful!!!! :D:D:D:D

  2. Posts: 33

    Seems like if I try to input a Normal map using the box method, it’s giving black texture?

  3. Posts: 206
    gonzou says:

    The UV unwrapping method for lazy people :). I love it :D.

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  5. Posts: 13
    scruffy says:

    This might be a very noob question, but is it possible to UV unwrap a more complex model for example a human, then use your technique to box texture skin. then using that texture to bake to your own uv unwrap? and make your own alterations with an already standard skin generated from your box texture?

  6. Posts: 27
    Sean Aitken says:

    Great technique! One critique: lose the music and explain what’s going on. Taking the time to explain vs. forcing me to read is one of the reasons I pay for CG Cookie. Otherwise, nice tip. The music makes this seem like YouTube.

    • Posts: 27
      Sean Aitken says:

      Okay… my original comment was obviously not shared by the masses. This is a great technique, but I don’t like having to read, while listening to some music. It’s a great tip, obviously, but I think these need to fall under another category of it’s own, to denote the quick / no-narrative style of training. It’s definitely not following the format of the rest of the site. Man, I sound like a douche. Ignore me. Great work! :)

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