Quick Rigging With the Rigify Addon

See How to Rig your Characters with Rigify

Rigify is an automated rigging tool written by Nathan Vegdahl that makes the character-rigging process fast and simple.

If you’re like me, you spend most of your time in Blender modeling and texturing characters for still renders.  However, sometimes I want to see my static character spring to life in animated motion.  So the anticipation and excitement builds enough for me to venture into the rigging realm, motivated by lofty dreams of character animation! Though hours later I end up raising a white flag in a confused and frustrated surrender to the often overwhelming task that is rigging.

For Blender users out there who experience similar rigging inabilites Rigify is the answer to your character animation needs.


What You Will Learn

1.  Enabling the addon.

2. Customizing the meta-rig to achieve the best performance from the generated rig.

3. Generating the rig.

4. Automatic skinning your character model to the rig.

5. What Rigify doesn’t do for you.


Music:  “The Universe and My So-Called Life” by Pitx

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190 Responses to “Quick Rigging With the Rigify Addon”
  1. Posts: 7
    gdurnota says:

    For some reason, I cannot move any part of the body. I’ve generated the armature and followed the instructions, but something is not right. And after I have switched to pose mode and hid all layers, then adding that particular on back again, no bones of the body show part from the head, neck and spine. Can someone please help?

    • Posts: 1
      zeke_lexi says:

      Yes I had some problems with this, there were a few things that enabled me to get it working in a fashion.
      1. Make sure ‘Auto Run Python Scripts’ is ticked in the File -> User Preferences Menu.
      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZPqxADetWE fix the weights. Lots of models have duplicates and errr stuff( I am not an expert), need to clean up the model a little to get it working.
      3. make sure your armature and model are in exactly the same location.
      I hope this helps and saves some people sometime :). Thanks for the awesome tutorial

  2. Posts: 11
    angusgiorgi says:

    Bone heat weighting failed to find solution for…. aaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh!

    • Posts: 1527

      I’ve also been getting failed weighting solutions since using 2.71…I wonder if it’s a bug. Usually I jump back to 2.70 and the same mesh-to-rig auto weights fine.

      • Posts: 11
        angusgiorgi says:

        That’s really good to know Kent, thank you! I will try using a 2.70 version for auto weighting. I initially thought it was a Zbrush thing because it was happening on a model I ported in from Zbrush to Blender through GoB, but it’s recently also been happening on models either made only in Blender or fully re-topologised in Blender. I’ve done all the usual fixes i.e recalculating normals, removing doubles etc. Thanks for the heads up, if it’s happening to you as well, then I’m not going crazy!

    • Posts: 8
      corogrin says:

      Sweet! I love being able to figure out my own problems…was because of the order in he modifiers tab.

    • Posts: 1527

      Try moving your “Armature” modifier above your particle system modifier.

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