Creating an Advanced Face Rig – Part 1.2 – Mirroring Shape Keys

In this supplemental tip for the Advanced Face Rig series, we go over some new techniques for mirroring shape keys due to some changes in Blender:

- proportional editing is no longer available with x-mirror
- creating new shapekey no longer copies the value of previous entries, you have to choose “new shape from mix” to do that
- “mirror shapekey” now works to do the same thing that “LEFT” and “RIGHT” vertex groups did

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24 Responses to “Creating an Advanced Face Rig – Part 1.2 – Mirroring Shape Keys”
  1. Posts: 2
    Saulo Augusto Duarte says:

    This tutorial looks great. But i have one question: is it really possible to rig and animate 2d eyes in Blender?

  2. Posts: 2
    Brian Henke says:

    I tried this with “jaw down” and the center vertices are mirrored causing them to be doubled when both shape keys are active. Is there a way to avoid this?

    • Posts: 2
      Brian Henke says:

      Ah, never mind. I re-watched the first video where you used vertex groups.

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