Tip: Using the Masonry Add-on

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tutorial we introduce you to the Masonry add-on available from the scripts repository, we go over most of the available settings and we show you how to use it to create a circular, stone room by using the add-on in conjunction with an Array and Simple Deform modifier.

Download the Masonry Add-on

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98 Responses to “Tip: Using the Masonry Add-on”
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    Ok there are 3 files at the address which one do i use I am a real blender noob and scypt noob

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    Ian Hunter says:

    HELP! So I downloaded the masonry add-on but in blender when I add in a new Masonry mesh, the sidebar which shows all the settings doesn’t appear. How do I make the sidebar for the masonry mesh appear. How do I make the operator panel appear for the masonry add-on?

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      Hi Ian,

      You can bring up the operator panel by first pressing “T” to open the tool bar and then the operator panel will be on the bottom. You can also bring up the operator panel in a popup at anytime over the viewport by pressing F6.

      I hope that helps!

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    if you are using the curved function, you can actually control the dimensions with the bottom and top values under wall size

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    Wow. Thanks! I really enjoy these Add On Tips. So cool. This will work nicely with my MMORPG I’m making!

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    Hi here is how to get this add-on working with blender 2.63 release.

    win 7

    Click the link

    This is just above the USER SUBMITTED IMAGES.

    I suggest you create a new folder important note: this folder must be named “add_mesh_walls”.

    Download the three python scripts into this folder.

    (1) _init_.py
    (2) Blocks.py
    (3) Wallfacory.py

    Copy and paste the new folder “add_mesh_walls” and paste into your blender/scripts/addons.

    Thats it enjoy the new addon

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        Metalix says:

        Hi, you need to right click on the link to the script and click save as. Now save it somewhere with your addons and install it via the user preferences addons tab.
        Does this make sense?

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      I followed your instructions and created a new folder “add_mesh_walls” without “, I am still having issues finding the scripts. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Is there a way this script will work in blender 2.6.4? Looks very useful add on to have, this one should be included in 2.6.4 build

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    Dallan Fry says:

    I’m having the same problem as most people on the comment list. I have saved the linked files to a folder named ‘add_mesh_walls’ then copied that into blender/content/MacOS/2.64/scripts/addons. When I open up the user preferences window in Blender, I do see ‘Add Mesh: Building Objects’ and a checkbox to select it. So, I know I’m doing something right. However, I am unable to check the box which will enable me to use the Masonry addon. I’m not sure if I’m missing a technicality or something like that. I’m normally pretty quick as figuring this sort of thing out, but I’m stumped.

    I should add that when I saved the .py files, it originally had a .txt which looked like this ‘Blocks.py.txt’. I took off the .txt extension for each file. Should I have kept those extensions attached when saving?

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    zaidenknop says:

    I keep getting a brick wall but no windows nor any other sort of opening options. Either way, having the same problem as others :/

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    I know this tutorial is a few years old, but the masonry script doesn’t seem to be available anymore. If you know of where I can get it then that’d be great, otherwise this tutorial should probably be removed from the site.

    I was really looking forward to trying this too :(

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    Jonas K says:

    Amazing addon! I really would like to see this being added to the official trunk. Is there a way you can support the devs?
    We probably should have a something similar to a Kickstarter for Blender Addons.
    Im sure if it is well presented, it could spike development.

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    oodvboo says:

    Looks like I’m way behind the times, but I’m trying to use this add-on, and I can’t even enable it. I get a bunch of errors when I try to enable it.

    Any advice? (Thanks in advance)

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    rollie69 says:

    ‘The addon does not work in 2.71′ !
    Not even if all is done in a default build.
    starting to really don’t some things here.

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