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Citizen Exclusive: Creating Low Poly Foliage

Learn to create game-ready plants in Blender.

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we go through the process of creating three different types of vegetation that can be used to help add life to any of your Blender scenes. This tutorial covers modeling and texturing different plants and focuses on correctly setting up your textures with alphas to get the best possible results.




One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

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91 Responses to “Citizen Exclusive: Creating Low Poly Foliage”
  1. Posts: 9

    Great tutorial, this would definitely come in handy especially when keeping the poly count low for surrounding vegetation, in say a visualisation.

  2. Posts: 24

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I was wondering how to make low poly foliage and now I know how!

  3. Posts: 2
    Chidozie Oku says:

    No direct download links?

  4. Posts: 3
    Matt Spencer says:

    This is perfect for game makers…if your making any game, there is almost always a need for shrubs and foliage.

    The process shown is easily replicated for other types of plant life. I have made several looking plants but this still had lots to teach me.

    I would like a “Jungle or Safari” themed plant tutorial. Like how to make Moss, Jungle Trees or tall grass.

  5. Posts: 23
    garvamatic says:

    i loved it!!! well worth becoming a citizen for. however, i’m in 2.63 and my alpha areas on the plane stay black in both object and edit mode. am i missing something (watched repeatedly for hours!) orr has a setting changed maybe? anyone know?

    p.s. i hope Porter makes more tuts, i hope there are more plant type tuts in general, more low poly tuts of course, and i also hope you all have an excellent day!

  6. Posts: 3
    thcj2000 says:

    don’t be disappointed. if you get citizen account you can download ALL the citizen content for just 10$… that is NEARLY for free. the tutorials are worth it! instead of complaining about a fee, please realize how much 1st quality turorials you recived from them. they PAY their time, they provide their knowledge, their bandwith… 10 dollars… comeon ..starts beeing awkward

  7. Posts: 23
    John Naxio says:

    Superb tutorial! I’ve noticed the pictures you used don’t have any highlights or even mid-tones, there is no glossiness. I went in the garden and took a bunch of high-res pictures. I have great foliage to work with but i need help to get rid of the highlights somehow.

  8. Posts: 11
    serviteur says:

    How to download the tutorial Video ?

    No direct links !!!

    • Posts: 3612

      Hi there,

      You can download the video and the tutorial source files via the “Download Source Files” button below the video; but you must be logged into your Citizen account.


  9. Posts: 3
    monkeyadam says:


    I create my plant, and in the view mode the normal texture reads as expected, but when I go to render the normal has no effect and the surface just renders out smooth. Is there a step I’m missing?

  10. Posts: 95
    Ricardo Diaz says:

    There is no videotutorial for the creation of foliage…the video in the source files+videotutorial is the video of another citizen tutorial…”UV Texture to UV Color”…please fix it soon and upload it again! :(

    • Posts: 54

      Yeah Ricardo is right. I recently downloaded it and the video it comes with is the wrong one. It is for the UV Texture to UV Color video. Hope it gets fixed soon, I was looking forward to seeing how to create low poly foliage.

  11. Posts: 1
    Conor Lang says:

    Great tutorial, helped me out a lot. One thing I can’t figure out how to do is add an edge loop and move it without warping the leaves. All the settings I have tried when I slide an edge on the mesh the corresponding edge on uv layout doesn’t move.

  12. Posts: 4
    abraham ruiz says:

    best short and sweet video on working with alphas ive seen yet..this is what i had been looking for for a while..this can be applied in conceptual scenes where you dont have to have a ton of work..just the concept..thanks porter..!!

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