Creating a Custom Blender Theme

In this quick Blender 2.5 tip we show you how to use Blender’s theme options to customize the interface to your liking. Blender allows you to change anything from the color and outline of interface items to the shading on buttons to the window background color. After giving you a rundown of the many different options we go on to show you how to use the Theme Manager Add-on, developed by Bart Crouch, to save and load custom themes.

The Theme Manager Add-on can be found here:

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18 Responses to “Creating a Custom Blender Theme”
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    PL says:

    there can be a competition for best theme as for now the Modo theme is quite close to be an ideal one for blender. alsothis is cool
    made by crazycourier on blenderartist forum’s thread
    btw as for Modo somebody would take challenge to write ‘preset manager’ addon so it would be easy to swap 3ds max or modo with blender:)

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      Thomas says:

      So I do I come up with a gradient background? That’s exactly what modo looks like. I’ve downloaded the appropriate builds and I see no gradient. What exactly am I missing? Is the gradient independent of the theme? I mean, different theme with gradient background?

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        Thomas says:

        Okay, I got it. The slider is in the N panel > Display > background. I’m now trying to tone down the grid lines’ color. They’re too bright and should also have the effect of the farther they are the duller the color should be. Any suggestion is appreciated.

        I’m having fun. :-)

  2. Posts: 45
    FreeMind says:

    Your volume is to low

  3. Posts: 5
    yondaime says:

    first to come, first served :)
    thanks you for such a great tip, that allow everyone to break the MOOD :)
    best regards .

    • Posts: 5
      yondaime says:

      sorry …
      use a soft to boost the audio gain , anyways the video speaks for itself
      just follow the steps :)
      best regards .

  4. Posts: 3
    SeriousM says:

    perfect, thank you so much for the hint!

  5. Posts: 5
    yondaime says:

    sorry again …
    just one more thing , this is a good solution :
    first get the Klite Mega Codec Pack from
    this program is available for both x32 or x64 platforms.
    go to download section and download the Mega version.
    intall it ,then open the player ,in the view menu click options
    then under internal filter at the left hand side click Audio switcher
    select Regain volume , and increase the boost up to whichever value you see fit.
    hope that helped you guys .
    sorry everyone if i disturbed you.
    best regards.

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    David says:

    Hey Jonathan great tut. Could also make quick tip on how to animate a light for example a
    A light bulb turning on and off?

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      Chucker says:

      Set a key frame on the ‘Energy’ (press “I” over the value slot) of the light from 1.000 to 0.000 on the lamp object.
      Making a light bulb however with a glowing filament and animated materials/compositing tutorial would be sweet though.

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      Annonymous says:
      The user has disabled their account.
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    Jorge Gutierrez says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to do a lion?? a realistic lion with realistic hair, you can divide the videos into multiple videos covering the hair and another one with modeling and another one with texturing or I don’t know but can you do a lion???

  8. Posts: 2
    oliver says:

    There is a script for changing same named areas at the same time. E.g., you want all backgrounds to have the same color, it’ll do it at once. I wish someone would write a GUI for that; it would make customizing themes a lot easier and faster.

    A tip from me: make yourself a color palette with your main colors an save it as a jgp. Load the image into the image editor. Now you can easily pick the colors you need with the eyedropper.

    Thank you very much for all the good tutorials so far.

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    Gary Parkin says:

    Does anyone know how to change the color of the little info box that pops up when you click on Remove Doubles or anything that tells you the amount of verts it changed? It comes up at the top in the Info panel but I changed every color in a theme and I can’t seem to find it.
    I like the Zbrush theme but the text isn’t dark enough.
    And it’s not the Info settings.


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      User Preferences: Themes: Info: Header Text ;)
      Change the color of the text on the logo’s right side too, version number, verts, edges …


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