Tip: Using a Lattice to Press an Object Against a Wall

In this quick tip, I show a quick way to get a nice “smoosh” effect (soft object against hard surface, i.e. glass) by using a lattice, and without involving physics or other dynamics at all. I start off by using a Suzanne Monkey Head, and go on to show a more practical application by opening a pre-made hand model and shwoing the effect with that.

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28 Responses to “Tip: Using a Lattice to Press an Object Against a Wall”
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    Don says:


    Thank you for this, I’ve played with lattices quite a bit, but never saw this, great tip. Again, thanks!



    Thanks to BlenderCookie for providing this forum for learning!

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    Jan Larmann says:

    Will your vehicle series DVD arrive befor the 8th of April because im am going to an internet isolated area for spring break?

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      I hope so! I cannot make any guarantees but I’m pushing to get it out as soon as possible.


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    Moolah says:

    Nice)) Funny and useful tutorial!

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    This tutorial gave me an idea. Going in reverse if you use a sphere and start on the backside of the wall/ceiling then go through the lattice it will make a nice water drop effect, but how would one go about making a puddle on the floor that it could drip into. not sure yet if the liquid physics would work with that or not… I’m just learning. That might make a good tutorial.

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    dannykneip says:

    An extremely clever use of this lattice modifier. Thanks for sharing!

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    Brad Soellner says:

    I thought that david ward made this tut…

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