Introduction to UV Unwrapping

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we introduce you to the concepts and methods of UV unwrapping. Using three progressively more complex primitive mesh objects you are shown the basics of unwrapping, how to set seams, how to reduce stretching, how to assign materials to use the UVs and more.

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103 Responses to “Introduction to UV Unwrapping”
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    dehow64 says:

    Hello, I had a question about UV mapping.

    I’ve put material and a texture on my model. Though my model has material on it when I render it, the material or texture don’t show up. Would it be possible to use the material and texture I already and have as a UV, or would I have to unwrap and paint my own texture on my model?

  2. Posts: 8
    jackstreicher says:

    When I hit unwrap nothing happens… -.-

    • Posts: 8
      jackstreicher says:

      never mind fixed it :D. Great Tutorial ! ^_^

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