Modeling a Human Head Basemesh

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial you are shown how to model a human head basemesh that can easily be used as a starting point for sculpting. This tutorial demonstrates the modeling process, discusses the topology and then showcases the end result of using just such a basemesh for sculpting.

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    Great tutorial. I learned a few new things here. One is hotkey “o” for Proportional Editing Tool. With Proportional Editing switched on, “g” is interesting. I just discovered a while ago that after pressing “g”, the size of circle can be determined by the turning of mouse wheel. Very interesting. Folks, check out the mouse wheel for “g” grab mode.

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      The proportional editing tool is fantastic for making “soft” changes to a model. It’s particularly good for adjusting proportions and such.

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    vies says:

    When I go to add the multiresolution modifier, hitting subdivide causes a ridge to appear down the center of the shape. I tried using mirror both when it was recommended in this video, and before starting the shaping(after adding the initial subdivide at the beginning). What would be causing this?

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      Richard says:

      Jonathan makes use of Proportional Editing (O-key) in this video. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the size of the influence.

      Does that help?

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