It is hard to believe the same number of people that fought off the invading army of Persia, are Citizen Members here at Cg Cookie. It has been a truly humbling experience to have so many of you as members supporting what we do. I have enjoyed saying, “Thank you for doing what you do, so we can do what we do”

Jonathan and I feel very passionate about providing education to artists around the world. Being artists ourselves and perhaps even myself, growing up with the lack of online education (mainly because in my day the internet was rocking on a 33.6k modem and the bigger the CRT the better.) But with the advancements of tech and the widening of the internet tubes we are able to “do what we do”.

Citizen began as a way to offer you another option to obtain our high resolution videos, gather source files to play with and to have a central access point for downloads. It has also helped to ensure the continued longevity of the CG Cookie Network. Today with over 300 members, 158 source files, we are growing well beyond our original sketches in our notebooks.  In the next few months we are actively working on some feature improvements, easier access to education and other misc tweaks.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to stop talking and let some of our Citizens talk. Yes, these are real people and not paid actors. We had a Citizen survey in the past weeks and here is what people are saying.  We tried to get Dennis Quad… but he was busy. ;)


Name: Michael Edmondson
Testimonial –After taking one semester of 3D Design and Animation I instantly fell in love with the aspect of designing after the class was gone I still had a very strong interest in 3D design. When I found CG Cookie it helped me along immensely. It has helped me with some of my tougher modeling questions and has provided a great resource for what I hope to make a career of one day.

Name: Adin Davis
Testimonial –CG Cookie is the perfect example of a hardworking site meeting the needs of its clients. You won’t be disappointed with any of their services or training. I’ve been lurking on this site since its early foundations and its community and prestige have only grown. I know that it will continue to grow with the wide spread of training and education offered here. I’ve come to expect great things from CG Cookie and they’ve provided time and time again.

Name: Markus Schlögl
Testimonial –Stumbling across CGCookie a year ago, not only the visual quality of the downloadable videos caught my eye, but also the excellent quality of their contents. I feel that almost everything I REALLY learned in Blender I learned via CGCookie/BlenderCookie, and with their rapid growth and range in topics I don’t see this chang[ing]. Spending a little money you get great tuition, LOTS of it, a friendly community plus the greatest customer service ever experienced. I’m a citizen with pride – feels like doing something right.

Name: Neville Toohey
Testimonial –I had been looking for ages for a good website to teach me blender, what can i say but thanks to the team at blendercookie, I’m a regular visitor and picking up stuff on every tutorial. You guys are approachable, listen and respond to your members. I rate myself beginner to intermediate in blender and the best thing i have done to date is pay you a few bucks and join as a citizen.

As well as access to all the source files, a great help :) I also been able to email you guys and direct answer which is a better experience that i have had many times before. The membership is well worth the value given i was paying $50 per hour for private tuition! Ogh did i say i really enjoy the tutorials too. The fact you guys are right up there already popping out tutorials for blender 2.5 shows you’re out there!

Name: Daniel Fournier
Testimonial –I’ve joined the citizenship program with a 3 months subscription (wanted to have a look). Well, I’m very satified with the work (tips, movies, tutorials…) that has been done and hopefully will continue in the future to the point that I’ll renew my subscription for a full year. I’ve learn so much, it is incredible ! It’s worth the money!

Thanks and please continue with the excellent work!

Name: Troy Williams
Testimonial: Blender Cookie has been my number 1 source of tuition for Blender. I’ve learned more in Blender thanks to the cookie crew than I had learned in Maya through 2 years of college tuition.
Cheers guys!

To learn more about Citizen and what we are up to, please visit: http://cgcookiecitizen.com.

We are social butterflies ourselves so please be sure to help build the ranks by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Doesn’t have to be all formal talk either, we like to hear from you and what you are working on.

Blender Cookie Twitter

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19 Responses to “300”
  1. Posts: 50
    Adin Davis says:

    Congratulations guys!
    The first of many milestones I bet.

  2. Posts: 32
    Joe Christie says:

    Forums would be a great addition to the site!! Esp if we were able to upload our own blend files.

    • Posts: 32
      Joe Christie says:

      I should add it would be great to talk and learn more about each as they join the site and watch everyone grow in their ability and really build a community here.

      • Posts: 50
        Adin Davis says:

        There was a forum before, it was fairly good. Unfortunately, there was also lot of nasty spam which I think was too much to regulate when the site was still just trying to get a foothold.

        Its a good idea and I would like to see a fresh blender forum. I haven’t had much luck trying to jump into blenderartists and the blendernewbie forums.

      • Posts: 564
        Wes Burke says:

        We did have one as Adin mentioned a bit back and it for some reason received about 100 spam posts a day and we just didn’t have the resources to keep it clean and running for you guys

        We are working on an upgrade 3.0 for the sites that will have more of a forum type feature. It is still in in early dev, but will post more on it as we get it online.

  3. Posts: 9

    This site is a most excellent resource for learning Blender (and a lot of information even apply very well to other software). I consider my citizenship money to be a very good investment, probably one of the very best I ever made on on-line education :)

  4. Posts: 47
    Guest Guest says:

    “It has been a truly humbling experience to have so many of you as members supporting what we do.”

    You guys have worked your butts off to bring the blender community great tutorials, and the citizen content is just icing on the cake. Keep up the great work guys!

  5. Posts: 9

    Hi there and congratulations!
    BlenderCookie is in fact a great resource for learning Blender. In the earlier days it was hard to find some education about Blender but then I discovered BlenderCookie and I must say you guys are awesome!
    I’m not a citizen yet but I purchased your 2.5 training series and BlenderCookie.com is the very first entry I look up every day in my feed reader. Really appreciate your effort you do a great job!

  6. Posts: 11
    Troy Williams says:

    Hey Guys,

    The site is great….I’m particularly interested in character animation and modelling and rigging characters that are ready for animation and capable of great facial poses.

    Maybe some monthly competitions could be good….could offer Mavenseed hours as prizes! ;-)

    Maybe you could also do monthly features on a specific short or commercial, and how you would go about achieving that same effect.

    Can’t wait to see how the site develops.
    Thanks for your support guys!

  7. Posts: 1
    alalo says:

    Hard to believe?! This-is-Citizennnnnn!

    Congrats guys :)

  8. Posts: 48
    Mitch Klein says:

    That’s great news! Your success definitely benefits all of us.

    Any chance of sharing what’s in your education pipeline? I’d love to see what you have planned.

  9. Posts: 19
    megisus says:

    That is awesome! I was wondering if you guys were doing OK. I have learned so much from Blender Cookie. Even though I am a Citizen; I would be happy to donate when I run into some extra cash. Blender cookie should have a donations tab along with the citizenship.

    When I find the time to finally build my website I would like to add a link leading to you site. Let me know if this is possible…

    Always Learning
    Michael Megison

  10. Posts: 12

    Awesome, congrats.
    I am very happy with my citizenship.
    Also excited to see how the Training Series goes. Should be a lot of fun to take a project so far intead of my random little bits ‘n’ bobs.

  11. Posts: 3
    sam fiorito says:

    I have been working with blender off and on for many years. With your way of educating us wantabees this is just great. Thanks to all that have contributed to this website.

  12. Posts: 53
    Paulo Bardes says:

    I made a podcast about this movie for a history project.

    YAY, I’m a citizen!

  13. Posts: 5
    xoxol says:

    “It is hard to believe the same number of people that fought off the invading army of Persia, are Citizen Members here at Cg Cookie.”

    It is hard to believe, because it’s all in your mind. question is, what are you smoking ? ;)

  14. Posts: 43
    Corniger says:

    300? A mere battalion or so. I’m downloading files right now, fighting to catch up with you guy’s fire rate! Are 300 enough to cope with that? This screams “defeat”, let’s bring on three times that many or the battle against the BlenderCookies mighty servers will be lost forever!!!
    Seriously now, you guys don’t sponge off, you keep improving at a very reasonable rate making everything better and more attractive for us all the time. Looks like it’s starting to come back to you – but I always knew that. Cheers and don’t forget to remind me when my citizenship runs out so I put money on my PayPal :D

  15. Posts: 12
    iBeSnipez says:

    Honestly, congratulations guys. but i believe youd have about 30,000 right now if you lowered the price. your OUTRAGEOUS. $88 a year? most of us are from age 13-20. We dont work. If it was $5 per 2 months/1 month, id love you. And youd make more money too cause more ppl would do it. and your not even lowering the price by more than half. $10 a month, –> $5 a month and everyone would buy it.

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